Visit Scotland

Client: E4

Director:  Cagoule

In a 5x 60’ TVC campaign targeting a demographic of 18-34yr olds, Visit Scotland proved that the Highlands has more to offer than just lochs and castles. The brief was simple; find six young people who had never visited the country before and send them on a road trip around Scotland.

The execution, however, was quite the challenge, (which of course we embraced) as we only had five days back-to-back to produce and broadcast the five individual commercials. The unique twist to this campaign was that each destination was selected based on an interactive vote from the target audience.


It was a creative, and brave, social media engagement strategy, a ‘choose your own adventure’ style shoot, where the cast and crew would only find out where they were going next, following a public vote via Twitter. The shoot became quite the adventure and we filmed, edited, and broadcast each of the five 60’ commercials within a 24hr period.

The look and feel was loose, with handheld camerawork to compliment the energy of the participants and activities, combined with epic vistas shot on drone to put in context their journey through Scotland's impressive landscape.

The series of five films picked up a SILVER award at Campaign’s LONDON BRAND FILM FESTIVAL 2018.


Directed by: Cagoule (Lewis Gourlay and Abby Warrilow)
Producer: Andy Maas
Executive Producer: Baldwin Li
Director of Photography: Andrew Begg
Editor: Erika Iesse
Sound Recordist: Merlin Bonning




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