Service Production

Our Service Production Capabilities

As well as end-to-end production, we also offer our expertise to other production companies and agencies from further afield, who are seeking service production and shoot facilitation in the Northwest of England and the UK in general.

We take the stress out of organising a film shoot in a city (or even country) that you may not be too familiar with, having local knowledge and experience with city council requirements and UK filming laws. We can ensure your production runs smoothly.

Local, Flexible Solutions

It doesn’t matter at what stage of your production you need our support, we’re flexible and are able to provide you with our expertise in any and all areas.

From creative development to budgeting and scheduling. Scouting & sourcing locations to casting and travel coordinating.

We are Fixers

We can facilitate a large-scale shoot across multiple locations, led by your own creative team or through one of our directors and a dedicated Chase Films producer. We can also put together a self-shooting team for a micro shoot, as well as finish and deliver your production, with our full, in-house post facilities.

Proud to be Helpful

Our producers and production staff are proud to be known as a friendly team around town, holding a solid reputation with skilled, local crew and talent agents. We only work with people we trust who we know can deliver. And we have access to some of the best studios, locations and equipment hire companies in Manchester and the NorthWest.

Contact the production team for more details on how we can facilitate your next UK production.

Production Services we provide

  • Full End-to-End or a Combination of Production Services
  • Local Director and Producer Hire
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Scouting and Securing Locations
  • Casting and Background Talent Bookings
  • Equipment Hire and Crew Booking
  • Insurance, Permits and Licensing
  • Local General Knowledge and General Production Coordinating
  • Facilitate Studio Hire and Package Deals
  • Transport Services and Accommodation
  • Post Production and In-House Voiceover Recording

Behind the Scenes


We collaborated with The Chase Films and my goodness, they were outstanding in every single way. They met our project needs, worked above and beyond to ensure the shoots went smoothly and were fabulous to be on set with - so professional and everything was done with a smile. We felt supported in all ways and knew from the very first phone call that we had, we were in the best possible hands. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Their communication and openness really kept us in the loop throughout the project. We are so very grateful and can't wait to work with them on future projects - absolutely outstanding!

Lucy Cook, Serenescape Film Production

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