The storytellers story.

We tell stories using moving image, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the medium we use because it’s the most powerful way to connect with someone.

From TV commercials to feature films, branded content to live activations, The Chase Films are obsessed with communicating your story through the most powerful medium, the moving image.


We’re an OSCAR nominated, industry award-winning production company dedicated to connecting your brand to your audience through impactful, memorable, and visually stunning content.


Our service is built on transparency, flexibility, and collaboration. Every story we tell is unique and requires the expertise of the right creative combined with the support of a dedicated production team, which is exactly what we provide. Our approach is to listen, understand and create and we believe that’s why our clients have been coming back to work with us for over a decade.

Based in the heart of Manchester, England, we’ve shot beautiful films all over the UK and around the world in collaboration with brands and agencies of all sizes. Some of our clients include AstraZeneca, JD Sports, Manchester United, Marks & Spencer, E4 & BASF.

Regardless of your sector, we believe in carefully crafting high-quality and engaging stories to connect with your audience, pouring passion and creativity into each and every one.

You know your brand and we know the power of film. And we specialise in creating content that allows your message to be shared, understood, and loved by your audience.

Our Principles

We believe in simplicity in everything we do. We achieve that in our principles to listen, understand and create...

We Listen

From our first conversation to your feedback on edits, we listen. Tell us your story, the problem you want us to solve, and everything you want to achieve from what we make. We’re all ears.

We Understand

Interpreting your idea, developing the creative, and understanding your audience forms the basis for us to perfectly plan and make something incredible.

We Create

A great script made well is all in the execution. We nurture good talent and respect the craft of filmmaking. With a meticulous approach to how we create, we make sure your story is beautifully told.

Enough about us

We want to learn about you and your ideas. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you create your next great film.

Let's create something beautiful