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The Chase Films is a video production company in Manchester and London, UK.

We have an experienced pool of producers and access to carefully curated award-winning directors and creatives, who will work with you to bring stories to the screen that stand out. With storytelling expertise and a reputation for working with the very best of British talent, our team of award-winning, BAFTA and OSCAR® nominated creatives are passionate about every step of the filmmaking process.

We remind ourselves daily we have best job in the world. We'll partner with you in whichever way works best for you. If you have an idea we can help bring it to life, and if you have a brief we can turn it into an idea for a film.

We’re very happy to help and collaborate through every stage of the process. Whether you need copy writing, video editing, or even an entire TV commercial; we have the resources, skills, and experience to bring your idea to life.

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Working With Us

Effectively planned; beautifully executed; perfectly delivered.


From early stage creative development to scriptwriting, storyboarding and pre-production, we will conjure up an effective plan to create a compelling film for your project.


With experience of managing anything from two-person crews for vox pops, to teams of 50+ for TV commercials and feature films; we have the experience, knowledge and expertese to produce a fine product, whatever the production challenges.


Whether it's online, TV, cinema, or even radio, we can handle all aspects of delivery to your desired platform: editing, VFX animation, graphics, colour grading, sound design and delivery to stations.

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