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What can we make for you?

We’re a film production company based in London and Manchester...

...and every film we make is a bespoke creation. We have access to some of the finest producers, directors and writers in the world who’ll make something just for you. Their shelves are lined with awards, including BAFTA and OSCAR® nominations, because they know how to bring stories to life.

We can do as much or as little as you need to take your idea from script to screen. At The Chase Films, it’s not just our work that will be individually created for you, but the way we work too.

Just tell us what you’d like us to make, and how you’d like us to make it. So... how do you want to work with us?

Making Things

Perfectly planned; beautifully made; always enjoyed.


The more we plan before the cameras start rolling, the more we achieve once they do. Our preparation for any project is meticulous. Scriptwriting, storyboarding and all aspects of pre-production are planned to perfection so we can make something special every time.


We’ve managed shoots involving anything from two people making vox pops, to crews of more than fifty, making feature films. Doesn’t matter. They’ll all be the best possible people for the job, doing what they love: making something that you’ll love.


Whether it's TV, cinema or digital we’ll take care of all aspects of post production. And once your film finished, we’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to go. Then audiences can enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it.s

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