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What can we make for you?

We’re a full-service production company in Manchester, committed to connecting you with your audience.

By combining our tight-knit, in-house group of ambitious creatives with a nationwide network of passionate freelancers, we’re placed perfectly to help you convey your message to your customers.

Stories have been used since the dawn of man to inform, encourage, and motivate. Regardless of your sector, we believe story-driven films are key to communicating with your audience, and—although based in Manchester—we work globally to deliver universally understood ideas to the people you need to speak to.

Making Things

Perfectly planned; beautifully made; always enjoyed.


The more we plan before the cameras start rolling, the more we achieve once they do. Our preparation for any project is meticulous. Scriptwriting, storyboarding and all aspects of pre-production are planned to perfection so we can make something special every time.


We’ve managed shoots involving anything from two people making vox pops, to crews of more than fifty, making feature films. Doesn’t matter. They’ll all be the best possible people for the job, doing what they love: making something that you’ll love.


Whether it's TV, cinema or digital we’ll take care of all aspects of post production. And once your film finished, we’ll make sure it gets to where it needs to go. Then audiences can enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it.s

Proudly collaborated with

The Royal Society
M&S Bank
Everest Windows
Manchester Metropolitan University
AJ Bell
The Crown Estate
The Insurance Emporium
Zoological Society London
Johnson Tiles

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