The Voorman Problem

Client: Honlodge Productions

Director:  Mark Gill
DoP: Phil Wood

With a long interest in the power of religious thought and ideas - especially from the point of view that every religion and their related teachings could be considered as a type of mental illness. Mark discovered a vignette that tapped into the very heart of these ideas within the pages of David Mitchell’s NUMBER 9 DREAM.

With a completed script, a modicum of naivety and a whole lots of brass, Mark and Baldwin approached the best actors they could and learned a valuable lesson very quickly; if you have a great script you can achieve anything.

After securing both Tom Hollander and Martin Freeman the film was shot over three days and edited in several months before finally released to the world in the summer of 2011.

The film went on to be selected for over 75 international festivals picking up many awards. Eventually, the film received the highest possible recognition with nominations from both BAFTA and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (OSCAR).


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