Client: Everest Windows

Director:  Mitch Walker
DoP: Clive Tickner

The first of a set of commercials featuring Irish TV and Radio presenter Craig Doyle, in which the brand wanted to showcase their products in a way that would make them undeniably recognisable. Director Mitch Walker worked with Craig, presenting as himself, to demonstrate to the viewer the durability of Everest’s window locks with natural humour, sincerity, and a little absurdity. The spots played on the usual advertising tropes but in a less conventional way. 


After thorough rehearsals, Craig had to brave the impact of a real grand piano being dropped from a great height in front of him, a shot that was a one-time deal. The resident production team were tasked with the challenge (and it was certainly a challenge) to find a piano that would ultimately be destroyed in the making of this ad. The team were careful to ensure that the hero prop they eventually sourced was one that was not in great shape or did not hold any sentimental value for the fatalistic scene.


The camera that safely captured the fall from the precarious angle was a GoPro. Rigorously tested and rigged to ensure we didn’t miss the shot when we were all set and took the plunge to drop the magnificent instrument. Needless to say, safety was paramount on the set for this spot.

The campaign was purposely made to be timeless, and it ran for a long period, giving the brand maximum exposure that would also offer their sales team plenty to talk to potential new customers about, given the ad’s popularity. The spot was a hit for Everest, which made the destruction of a grand piano in the name of advertising worthwhile. 


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