Client: Our Final Invention

Director:  Mark Gill
DoP: Nick Ridley

David Ogilvy famously said “give me the freedom of tight brief” because the challenge of creativity without constraints can overwhelm. Ai has the potential to give us that, but it’s not there yet. We’re finding Ai as a home in the genre that’s historically been a great playground for directors; the music video. 

Chase Films’ Director Mark Gill has once again teamed up with Creative Director and Visual Artist FIT Digital / Voltaine to produce the latest music video for Manchester band, OUR FINAL INVENTION. Unlike their previous creation for the band’s single ‘A Smile to Remember' - a live action film reinterpreted through Ai, with ‘Parasite’, all the elements on screen were generated entirely by Ai through Runway Ai Inc.'s innovative video software.

Mark and Nick’s continued creative exploration with Ai for this medium, has resulted in an eerie and enigmatic film that demonstrates the increasing sophistication of this ever-evolving technology. 

Ai both petrifies and fascinates any curious filmmaker, with its seemingly simplistic usability comes the common misconception that when making an Ai generated film, “anyone can do it”. But Nick explains that human creativity, skill and intervention is still very much required with such an advanced production tool.

NICK: "It’s no easy feat. Ai is as much a tool for a filmmaker, as a paintbrush is to an artist. You can't oversimplify its role in the creative process." He continues; “Working solely with Ai meant we had to embark on a journey of experimentation, we tried a multitude of different shots, playing with how far we could push it, discerning what works and what doesn't." 

As with any filmmaking endeavour, it all begins with a compelling creative concept and assembling the right team to help execute that vision. In this instance, the technical expertise provided by FIT digital proved to be integral from the outset. Combined with a strong creative and a compelling story, which Ai still relies heavily on our directors to come up with, and to stay true to, throughout the creative process. 

With a total of 1000 clips generated, each of those clips had to be crafted using specific and detailed prompts, emphasising that the creative reins remained firmly in the hands of Nick and Mark. 

‘Parasite’ is underpinned by a narrative that draws inspiration from Greek mythology, specifically the tale of Hades. The video follows the story of a man who ventures to the underworld to reclaim his lost love, with both ultimately becoming trapped in its enigmatic depths. Exploring themes of love, loss, and the underworld.

Our Final Invention released ‘Parasite’ on November 13th as a video and streaming release. Along with an 8 song strictly limited-edition cassette is released on December 1st by Fog & Lime Bandcamp link:


Director – Nicholas Ridley (FIT Digital / Voltaine)

Creative Director – Mark Gill

Editor – Bled Bujupi


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