From Sheep to Shop

Client: Private White V.C.

Director:  Mark GIll
DoP: Fernando Ruiz

Private White VC are proud of three things: their commitment to craft; their sustainable ethos; and hailing from Manchester. They wanted all these things conveying through a brand film and commissioned The Chase Films to create a film that was truly from the heart.

When it comes to clothing, the attention is in the details so our approach was to use a macro lens when filming the cloth and instruments of the manufacturing process. In contrast we used the widest possible lens when picking up landscape and city shots. Each of these choices provided arresting and powerful edits.

With a series of relaxed interviews as voice over, and music composed by The Chase Films team, the final film premiered at New York Fashion Week in 2016 and won a SILVER award at Campaign’s LONDON BRAND FILM FESTIVAL 2017.


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