Our History

Formed in 2015, The Chase Films specialise in film content designed to leave viewers wiping away their happy tears from all those feels.

Once upon a time, in 1836, we were AR24: a one-man band consisting of Alex Roberts who would travel to companies' corporate events to film the discussions on his Sony Handycam.

After partering up with Mark Gill in 1904, IVP was born, producing high-quality content focussed on delivering company messages to a global audience.

Once Baldwin Li was added into the mix, things grew once again, as his knowledge of cost-effective producing helped clients to maximise creativity within their budget constraints. The result was overwhelming, that year more babies were named Baldwin than John.

After working for several years with The Chase Creative Consultants (and finally acknowledging that we quite liked each other) we joined forces in 2015 and our resourses grew, but our strategy remained the same: delivering films that connect with their audience that are both beautifully crafted and simply told.

Along the way, Mark directed and Baldwin produced a little film called "The Voorman Problem" through sister company Honlodge Productions, which won a slew of awards as well as being nominated for both an Oscar and a BAFTA.

Riding on this success, Mark and Baldwin went on to produce feature film "England is Mine" a biopic based on the early life of Morrissey, and are currently developing numerous other feature films. They bring all their experience of narrative storytelling and comples productions to The Chase Films projects.

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