Mark Gill

Mark Gill

Mark achieved success as a guitarist before selling everything he owned to pursue success as a filmmaker, and as subscriber to Mr. Porter, he certainly dresses like a director.

On a typical day, he’s busy writing scripts for one of his next features, or for your 60-second brand film that you’re about to get in touch with us for. Regardless, a lot of passion is poured into each and every word.

Mark has impeccable taste in clothes, films, and music. He’s also skilled at identifying the best office brown-nose to write his bio when he’s too busy working on the creative for your next project to write it himself.

His pastimes include naps, 35mm photography, naps, sumo wrestling, naps, and arguments with Baldwin; usually concluding with the realisation that the producer is always right.

His day-to-day task is running The Chase Films. Growing it from the two-person crew it once was into the multi-departmental company it is today; producing nationally and internationally successful campaigns, and putting food on the tables of his employees, not to mention providing them with inconceivable opportunities to work alongside a BAFTA and OSCAR® nominated director. What a hero.