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Alexander Roberts

Southerner currently being held hostage in the North

Alexander Roberts

Alex Roberts is Managing Director of The Chase Films and he makes things. He’s spent most of his working life as a producer, making all kinds of films for all kinds of clients. He makes them beautiful, he makes them funny, he makes them powerful, he makes them whatever they need to be to connect with an audience. But above all, he makes them happen.

Alex always makes sure that there’s a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere on set to make every film is as good as it possibly can be. He also makes sure he’s surrounded by the very best people so that each film is made on time and on budget.

He regards every film as a problem, which is perfect because solving problems is what he does best. He began his career as a cameraman and editor so there are very few film-based problems that he hasn’t seen and solved before.

The other thing that Alex likes to make is time. Time for his family, his friends for his hobbies. These include supporting Arsenal which, since he’s based in Manchester, makes him a very brave man indeed.