Facility Film

Client: Smith+Nephew

Director:  Alex Roberts
DoP: Fernando Ruiz

Consider you have a state-of-the-art training facility: do you keep quiet about it, or do you contact The Chase Films to showcase it?

Smith+Nephew wisely chose the latter for their centre in York, with its unique-in-Europe cadaveric lab.

Keen to show off their impressive building and testimonials from the world's leading surgeons, whilst being mindful of runtime and not being too corporate, our team was called upon to provide our input for a creative solution.

Our proposal was to film over a series of course dates to cover a broad range of surgeons and their particular field of surgery, allowing us to capture footage of the various specialised technology the facility has available.

We grabbed surgeons on their way out of classes to present their thoughts on the facility to camera. The spontaneity of this meant the comments were true and based on an initial emotional response, rather than carefully considered corporate drivel. Our experience making interviewees comfortable in front of camera contributed to the surgeons' ability to provide their honest feedback.

We utilised different camera movements for each of the building's departments to help the audience understand the space available and its potential.

The result was a lively and inspirational film that captures the impressive nature of both Smith+Nephew as a company, and its facility, but more importantly the positive effect it has on the lucky people who work and train there.


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