Animation, Motion Graphics, and Stock Footage.

The production you need right now.

With lockdown restrictions relaxing, businesses and brands are wondering what the future of marketing and advertising content will look like.

Above all, they want assurance that their production partners can deliver the same high quality, entertaining content, but adhering to the new workplace rules.

Since you're here, you're probably wondering too. So, how can we help?

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animation is a powerful visual storytelling medium and a viable option for the short to medium term while we work within COVID-19 regulations.

It's a flexible format that can often be the best solution for a brief. It allows us to be informative–which, by nature, may not be very visually interesting–in a simple and engaging way.

It might be time to give animation a try, like BBFC did.

What makes for great content?

The same rules still apply: a creative approach that understands your target audience’s needs.

Then, there's the variety of styles available. You can choose 2D, 3D, mixed media, stop motion, and typographic to name a few. Call us if you want to hear more.

Any world can be created; the limit is your imagination, and once you reach it we'll step in and push it further. We'll find a style to match your brand positioning and deliver great creative production to make your advert memorable.

Our relaunch of The Insurance Emporium using Mr Benn gave them a new sense of identity.

Stock Footage

Stock footage is no longer the domain of cringeworthy clips. It's a huge industry, and the quality and variety of clips is genuinely impressive.

Think of a phrase... got one? Good news, there's stock footage that fits the description!

With this seemingly endless library, we can sculpt an advert completely from stock footage, and still tell compelling stories.

If you're worried stock footage might make your campaign a bit impersonal, don't. We will manipulate, edit, and elevate carefully curated footage so your film will be as personal as you told your mum it would be.

There's no complex shooting schedules or expensive location fees. There's a time and place for a crew of 40+ and cranes holding pianos above celebrities, but right now isn't it.

The Immediate Future of Production

We’re facing unprecedented times and all businesses need to adapt their practices to fit consumer needs.

With animated or stock-based films, and a little help from us, you'll still get your brand messages to market.

The nation is at home spending more time in front of the TV, there’s never been a better time to talk and engage with them. If you’re not, your competitors are.

Don't think animation, motion graphics, or stock footage is the right choice for you? Thinking a radio advert might be better? Contact us so we can discuss your needs and develop a solution together.

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