Baldwin Li

The name's Li. Baldwin Li. Not Li Baldwin. Or Lee Baldwin. Or Baldwin Lee.

Baldwin Li

A graduate of Balliol College, University of Oxford, Baldwin started his career in the film and television industry as a sound recordist and cameraman at Granada Studios. But with his arms quickly tiring of holding boom poles and handycams, he considered his options:

  1. Put his English Language and Literature degree to use, and become the next James Joyce;
  2. pursue a career as a classical musician, and tickle the ivories for tens of people; or...
  3. become a member of The Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

All possible, and very easy accomplishments for a man as talented as Baldwin, but his desire to be challenged drove him to become a movie producer.

His first short film – THE VOORMAN PROBLEM, starring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander – was selected at more than fifty festivals, and nominated for both a BAFTA and OSCAR® (Academy Award).

He’d probably like us to mention ENGLAND IS MINE here so there's a reference to his feature films too. It’s just a little independent film about the life of Morrissey prior to The Smiths, that has seen worldwide theatrical releases and is currently on Netflix. No biggie.

Fortunately for everybody looking to work with us, narrative films aren’t enough to feed the creative hunger that torments Baldwin, so he sits on top of the food chain at The Chase Films; everything runs through him.

Baldwin lives and breathes producing. From delicately nurturing the kernel of a creative idea, into the tunnel of pre-production and production, and finally through post-production where his projects always see the light, he holds everybody to his meticulously high standards, whilst still managing to encourage and partake in indulgently long lunch breaks involving fine wine and quality food.

Put simply, if he's not living and breathing your project, he won't be satisfied with life, and neither will you.